Looking for a Brand-new Luxury Home?
Since 1984, Our Team Approach Has Served us Well.

Building a home can be a complex task requiring specialized skills.  Our team of hand-pick specialists has the skills to build a home that meets your needs. Our Tradespeople are selected for their integrity, technical skills, quality, and reliability, not because they’re the low bidder. Saving a few dollars on labor is no bargain if the results are unacceptable work. From the most technically qualified framers to the plumbers that work with state of the art plumbing, our team of professional Tradespeople will get it done right.







Katz Builders, Inc., works with award-winning Architects and Interior Designers to create custom homes and remodels, tailored to your specific needs.

One of the biggest reasons to opt for a custom home is the ability to make each and every detail personalized to your unique style and needs.  Throughout each step of the process, we ensure that your interests will be kept at the forefront of all design and construction plans.


Better homes start with better designs​ that are personalized for your needs​. We work with Architects and Home Designers to maximize site opportunities for energy efficiency and beauty. We work with Interior Designers to ensure that the room and home layout is both aesthetic and functional. Our knowledge of the most current state of the art, energy-efficient materials and techniques as well as "Universal Design", "Living in Place" and "Aging in Place" principals provide our homeowners with a home that will continue to meet their family needs for years to come.


During the design phase, you can easily integrate the features that are most important to you. After all, this home is one of a kind, site-specific, being built just for you, allowing you the lifestyle of luxury, convenience and sustainability that you need and want. Those features can vary from the freestanding tub, induction cooking, energy-efficient windows, foam insulation, rainwater collection system. Your only limitation is your budget.  We work hard to get you exactly what you want.


​Although your home is custom, depending on the site, figuring out the best place to put the home is something that will be done with you, the design team and the  Engineer. ​Septic (when needed) is always King of the site and needs to be addressed first. Then come the other items such as exposure to the sun, optimizing a fabulous view, minimizing tree removal, the airflow on the property, etc.  Our goal is to maximize your outdoor features to create that fabulous place to spend time with family and friends.


With years of experience as a design-build firm, we ensure that all steps of the process are completed with a keen eye for superior results, In House and on budget. Contact us today for a  free consultation. 

Some areas we proudly service are: Austin, Tarrytown, Pemberton, Hyde Park, East Austin, Zilker, Rosedale, Windsor Park, Allendale, Brentwood, Northwest Hills, Bee Cave, Sunset Valley, Rollingwood, West Lake Hills, Oak Hills, Lost Creek, Spanish Oaks and Lakeway.