First things first: 
Setting expectations. 

Thank you for selecting Katz Builders, Inc., as your home builder. Because of the many years of experience, we have in the industry, we think the following information will be most helpful to you in making the building process as simple and fun as possible.  See the construction process as an adventure.  Along the way, celebrate as different stages of the project are completed.

Maintaining a sense of humor always gets us through our worst moments. Remember that certain things are out of everyone’s control. It’s best to laugh rather than upset yourself about things like weather or delayed delivery of materials.

This is a very busy time in our industry. We are fortunate to have a strong base of loyal Trade Contractors, many of whom we have worked with for more than 20 years. The goal for all of us is to create the design, have your selections completed as early as possible, and pricing established in a quick and organized fashion. Having said that, how much time it will take to get a proposal of the final cost of the project is dependent on many individuals. Getting information from all parties involved takes time and it requires patience on all our part. The goal is to have accurate information that we can use to go to contract.

If you have any questions about what is happening in your home, please direct your question only to a Katz Builders, Inc., Team Member and post it on Co-Construct. We are only a phone call or Co-Construct message away.





Rear Exterior elevations


Katz Builders, Inc. has selected each Trade based on their expertise and quality of work. Our Trade Contractors are not employees of Katz Builders, Inc. Many have worked with us on our new construction as well as our remodels, additions, renovations, etc. for many years. For some, our relationship goes back 20 – 30 years. As a result, we have a great working relationship with all of them. We do everything we can to be efficient with their schedule and ours. If something happens and their or our schedule changes, we and they will do everything we can to get them back into our schedule. Since they aren’t our employees, we cannot assume that they will drop everything and be able to accommodate us immediately.

Do not, at any time give, directions or changes to any of the Trades working on your project. Changes or instructions to the Trades should always come from a Katz Builders, Inc., Team Member. Too many cooks in the kitchen can create an awful challenge. We want your project to progress smoothly and as seamlessly as possible.


All Trades are required to have General Liability Insurance coverage.


Work may be delayed due to the coordination between trades or due to their independent schedules and/or weather delays.


​Katz Builders, Inc., will be taking photos before construction, as well as during and upon completion, when Homeowners have moved into their home.

Things about which we want you to be aware of and need to know items for Katz and Homeowners. The topics below will be given to you before each project in document form, to be filled out,  signed, and returned to us.

We will need a place to put:

  • Dumpsters/Trash trailer
  • Chemical toilet
  • Dry storage for delivered construction materials, and any other necessary equipment, preferably adjacent to the area where the work will be performed

Starting Times

The starting time will vary somewhat for each trade; however, the approximate starting times will be ____ a.m. and quitting time will be approximately ____ p.m.

Access to House

To have access to the project during construction, a lock box will be installed. Only authorized company representatives will have access to lock box codes.

Yard Signs

Katz Builders, Inc., will place a sign in the front yard.  If you have an HOA in your community, please let us know if we need to contact them to get approval.  Also, let us know where that sign can be placed.  We will  install safety and no trespassing signage on your property.

Children and Pets

To maintain the safety and security of your children and/or pets during the remodeling project, company personnel and representatives need to be aware of the following special instructions you have for us.

Important Numbers

Please provide all phone numbers, gate codes and security system information in case security system is left on or in case of an emergency.


Where can workers park their vehicles?


Will you allow workers to play their radios at a reasonable volume?  Are there stations or programs that you don’t want played?

Swimming Pool

If there is a pool on the property, Owners are responsible for maintaining upkeep and maintenance.  Site must have a current code approved fencing and gates.  If not, the cost of bringing them up to code will be a change order.


There is the possibility that plants that are close to the construction site, or in the area that equipment will pass by/through, could be damaged.  We recommend that the plants that are in the way be removed by the Homeowners/Professional Landscaper, prior to the start of the work. Katz Builders, Inc., can recommend someone to help in getting the move of the plants accomplished.

All plants grass, flowers etc., are the responsibility of the Owners.  Katz Builders, Inc., will not be responsible for any watering, fertilizing, insect issues that might occur or maintenance needed, such as mowing.

Builders’ Risk Insurance

Katz Builders, Inc., has Builders’ Risk Insurance for all the projects we work.  Please be advised that our insurance only covers the new construction.  Contact your insurance agent and make them aware that there is major work being done to your home so that they can adjust your insurance to that fact.  Please have them include Katz Builders, Inc., as additionally insured.


All utilities will be continued and paid for by the Homeowner, unless we are required to install a construction meter.  At that time, the house utility will be turned off and Katz Builders, Inc. will be paying the utility bills.


All trash will be kept in a designated area, agreed upon by Owner and removed throughout the duration of the project, as necessary and budget allows.

Final Cleaning

Final Cleaning will be done by a cleaning service retained by Katz Builders, Inc. for only the area in which the construction was performed.  (See details in the scope of work.)  If there are additional items you want cleaned, over and above our regular cleaning, we need to know so that we can provide you with a proposal.  Items not listed will not be cleaned.  An additional fee will be charged for cleaning additional items.


If spray-foam insulation is being used on your project, you will be required to stay out of the house during installation and for three (3) days afterward to allow for off-gassing to dissipate.

Should you be living in the home during the remodel/renovation, we want you to be aware that there may be times that would be easiest/best for you and your family if you were out of the house due to outgassing of paint, glues, etc.  Discuss that with Lucy Katz and your Project Manager.

Protection of your belongings

Katz Builders, Inc., requires that Homeowners remove all items from the areas in which we will be working.  Katz Builders, Inc., does not provide moving services.  We cannot be responsible for any items that are left in the home or in the areas in which we work that can be broken, damaged or taken.


Dust is invasive on clothing, window treatments, etc.  We do our best to mitigate dust invasion.  It is impossible to keep areas in which we are working, or even not working in, dust free.  We suggest that window treatments be removed and stored by Owners.


We thank you for the opportunity to work with you and we look forward to a good experience for all of us. Please do not hesitate to ask us when you have questions. Our contact information is as follows:

OFFICE: (512) 301-6000

Joel Katz (President)
Mobile: 512-496-4844

Lucy Katz (Vice-President)
Mobile: 512-217-4749

Greg Katz (Project Manager)
Mobile: 512-964-1818

Cheree’ Taylor (Office Manager/Project Coordinator)
Office: 512-301-6000