• “Recently I had the pleasure of collaborating with Katz Builders on the design and construction of a new residence in Travis heights. Using the team approach to building, Lucy and Joel Katz were involved with the project from the first conceptual design meeting to the completion of construction. During the design phase they offered helpful insight gained from their more then 30 years of experience, as well as value engineering to keep the project on budget. During the construction phase their exceptional sub-contractors and Joel’s meticulous eye for detail resulted in superb craftsmanship and a home which thrilled the owners. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience collaborating with Joel and Lucy Katz and the Katz Builders Team."

    Chuck Krueger

  • “We have been working with the Katz’s for about a year now in building our lake house. They have helped us at every turn and are producing a beautiful product. We have had a number of people, both industry professionals and others who have gone through the building process with other contractors, comment on what a good job they are doing for us. They continue to work with us to manage our budget and not have us spend money that is not necessary, but at the same time do all of the little things that will make this house meet our needs. Lucy and Joel are a joy to work with and Greg as the project manager has stayed right on top of all that is going on. This has been a great experience which is on time and on budget, which we know is rare.”

    Cindy Zimmerman

  • “Katz Builders did a job at our home last summer which took about two months. The job involved multiple teams of workers. With the number of crews coming through, I was initially concerned about project plan management, the consistency of the work and the potential for cost overruns. Katz Builders provided very professional project management. The results were exactly what we wanted, on time and on budget.Joel and Lucy took us through exactly what to expect, who would be at the house and when each phase of the work would be done. They hit on every milestone and took the time to show me the completed work as it was done”

    Chris Henderson

  • "Katz Builders Rock! . . . . We chose Katz Builders because they were honest, set realistic expectations and explained their interactive client communication process, which was very important to us. We had a high end dream home to build and we needed someone who we could trust. In the end, we couldn’t be more happy. Katz Builders nailed our project in terms of quality, budget and timeliness. It is extremely refreshing to know there is a builder out there who truly cares about your home, before, during and after the sale. We value our home and our association with Joel & Lucy Katz."

    Jon & Keely Wright

  • "We of course more than enjoyed working with your company…Debbi has been an incredibly thorough manager and always easy to work with…we couldn’t have done it with out her…we were very pleased with the process …you finished on time and not only addressed all our concerns promptly, Debbie was on top of things we missed. We love our home and receive compliments all the time on the wonderful transformation that took place! If we ever decide to move and either build or redo another house we of course would come to you first! Take care and use us for any kind of reference."

    Lea Irons

  • "I have the pleasure of working with Joel and Lucy Katz for many years and also have served with them on the Home Builders Association of Greater Austin Board of Directors and various committees. There are few builders who bring the high level of integrity and dedication to excellence that they bring to all their projects, large or small. They have been involved with the local and National Home Builder’s Association for many years and have worked tirelessly for issues that benefit not only home builders but also the general public."

    Mary DeWalt

  • “Joel, Lucy and the entire team were a pleasure to work with and lived up to the high standards we expected from the recommendation we received. We would highly recommend Katz Builders to any Dell employee and would be happy if anyone wanted to call either Claudia or me to discuss the service that we received. I recommend that you include Katz Builders on the Dell Preferred Builder List.”

    Jim and Claudia Humphrey

  • "We have had the privilege of working with Katz Builders to provide a large Iroko custom wood island top for their client. We found Joel and Lucy Katz and everyone at Katz Builders to be experienced, professional, customer oriented and very easy to work with. We were impressed with their preparation of the client and the tradesperson, their attention to detail and all of their checking along the way to make sure that everything was just as it should be so that a happy outcome was never in doubt. It was a pleasure to work with this very fine Austin builder."

    DeVos Custom Woodworking

  • “Joel’s an incredible guy…I would say really a breed apart. He values his good standing reputation more than anything. He’ll refuse to take on too many jobs at once because he values getting the job done right. He is very honest…will never take advantage of you…and has a keen sense of detail and flow.”

    Joe Albanese

  • "The only builder that I trust 100% to get the job done right. They are onsite daily to oversee progress and if anything isn’t perfect they’ll redo it. Really the best builder I’ve ever worked with, and I’ve had them do 3 major project for me."

    Brian Greenstone

  • “We were amazed by their attention to detail, which made our home building experience a totally positive one. They helped us stay on budget and yet exceeded our hopes and dreams. We hold them in highest regard and do not hesitate when given a chance to refer them to others.”

    Kate and Brad Calhoun

  • “Joel Katz and his company built our Westlake home and his company and wife, Lucy Katz, have been just wonderful to work with over the last eight years. Our neighbors are amazed that we have a relationship with our builder and that the few times we have had minor problems, Katz Builders has fixed it, regardless of the fact that our home is now eight years old. Betty and I feel so strongly about Katz Builders that we have engaged them to construct an addition on our lake home and do to do extensive remodeling.”

    Kevin P Hegarty

  • “Our experience was so positive that we had Katz Builder build our daughter, Nancy’s home and now, twenty years later, Katz has remodeled our kitchen.”

    Jonas and Juanita Silberstein

  • “Joel always goes the extra mile in whatever he does for you. In fact, if you look in the dictionary under customer service, it says ‘see Katz Builders’.”

    Susan and Alan Sager

  • “Katz Builders worried about quality and cost so we didn’t have to.”

    Keith and Darlene Shuley

  • “Being first time home buyers we could have easily been overwhelmed by the process, however Lucy and Joel provided us with their expertise and integrity, while always being mindful of our budget”

    Laura and Nelson Robinson

  • “Along distance project – completed on schedule – within budget – a 13 year old home that we still adore and Lucy and Joel Katz are our dear friends.”

    Stanley and Mary Jane Saiken

  • "It has been a joy to work with you on our home renovation. Your staff is wonderful, and we are hopeful that we’re cooperating with our selections in a timely manner."

    Gail and Neil Miller

  • “When Joel advised that something would get done – it did, and it was done professionally. If my wife can ever persuade me that we need a third remodeling project done – Katz Builders will be the one to perform it.”

    Gary Zausmer

  • “Katz Builders reputation with our mutual clients is excellent. We think they build a home of the highest quality workmanship and value. The company has in place a strong organization with excellent communication skills and procedures. We are proud to have Katz Builders build the homes that we design.”

    Charles Travis

  • “We built our house with Joel Katz. It was a relief to hire a builder who worried over every detail during construction. Joel was honest and trustworthy and very conscientious.”

    Cindy Goldrick

    Owner Wilson & Goldrick Realtors