Katz Builders, Inc., has earned a reputation for building Austin’s finest homes since 1984. The Katz Team under Joel B. Katz’s leadership is recognized for being a leader in high performance construction. The Team takes pride in building each home adhering to high performance, quality and customer satisfaction. Katz Builders partners with you in your custom home project.  We are committed to providing you with the best information available to assist you in the many decisions that will need to be made.


  • “The remodel came out great! I could not be more pleased, and you folks did a fantastic job. It was really nice dealing with a company that was so organized and kept things moving along. You made a long process a pain-free process.”

    Brian Greenstone, Home Owner

    Home Owner
  • “Joel’s an incredible guy…I would say really a breed apart. He values his good standing reputation more than anything. He’ll refuse to take on too many jobs at once because he values getting the job done right. He is very honest…will never take advantage of you…and has a keen sense of detail and flow.”

    Joe Albanese

    Home Owner
  • “Katz Builders reputation with our mutual clients is excellent. We think they build a home of the highest quality workmanship and value. The company has in place a strong organization with excellent communication skills and procedures."

    Charles Travis