You asked for it!

drinking-from-a-fire-hoseOne of the challenges (and great benefits) that custom builders have these days is an educated buyer. Whereas in the past consumers knew little about the building process and materials, today’s homeowner has begun to educate themselves as to what exactly goes into a home. And this doesn’t just refer to the counter tops and appliances. Today’s consumer is learning more about the materials behind the walls, which means that homeowners have more questions and more input earlier in the building process. Do you recycle your cutoff material?  Is it beneficial to build a conditioned attic space? Can we consider FrameSaver door jams for the exterior doors?

Often homeowners may know just enough to be dangerous, but not enough to be helpful. But the fact is that there is plenty of GREAT resources online that will educate homeowners, making them terrific partners in the building process. FineHomebuilding just put together a great list of articles on How To Do Everything when building an energy efficient home. This is a terrific place to start if you want to really dig into the process and understand what exactly goes into building a home. You definitely don’t need to become an expert in building practices and building science, but you’ll become more comfortable with how your home is being put together and you’ll really appreciate the craft of a quality builder. So drink from the fire-hose…we’ll see you on the other side.