What is it?


By Matt Henke, Builder

“I like it…I just don’t know what to call it.” I often feel like that when I look at homes. That’s why a site like Houzz can be particularly helpful for creating collections or idea-books. But it can also be helpful to have shorthand labels for themes or styles you like. This can make getting oriented to architects, builders, and interior designers much quicker. Do you like modern, contemporary, rustic, traditional, colonial, ranch, Tuscan, cottage, craftsman, or a unique blend of several? We had a client recently that was going for French Equestrian. I had never heard of that one before. Whatever your style or styles, it’s worth knowing so you can do educated research around things you know you like. Better Homes and Gardens has a good article featuring prominent exterior home styles with a brief summary of each. It’s a great place to start if you’re just getting started.