Singing in the shower…with backup.

MoxieI like singing in the shower. I like to belt it out, nice and loud. But unlike many of you it’s not because I’ve got golden pipes.   Just the opposite.   I like to belt it out because it drives the kids crazy.  There’s nothing more fun than for me rip a falsetto version of  one of Whitney Houston’s classics.   And there’s no accompaniment strong enough to drown out the tunes I’m producing.

But for the rest of you Kohler has come out with a nifty little device called Moxie that could make your shower melodies concert worthy.   It’s a shower head and wireless speaker built into one.   That means you can listen or sing along to your favorite hits via your Bluetooth enabled device (e.g. iPod) while your washing up. Pretty fancy!

These are the kind of “extras” you can add to your home to really make it yours.   And if you are an audiophile, there are a number of new and cool devices  available  for your home.   One of the more popular systems is the Sonos line of wireless audio products.   They’re simple to setup and they provide incredible sound.

If music isn’t your thing but you like gadgets, you ought to check out the Nest thermostat controls.  Simple, smart, elegant, way cool.

These days the options are really endless when it comes to wireless controls and devices for your home.   And if you’re just looking for ideas to make your home more high tech, you ought to check out PC World’s Best Products of 2012: Home Technology. They have everything you could imagine to turn your home into a technological marvel.