Move or Remodel?

Before kitchenMeyer kitchen

By Matt Henke, Builder

Move or remodel? That is the question. And I hate making decisions. Not to mention this has real consequences. Many of us live in neighborhoods where we feel safe, in close proximity to schools that we love, and near to shopping and parks that are convenient. Yet the reality may be that our fixtures and appliances are out-dated, and we could use more space.

We want to have our cake and eat it too, but it seems untenable. We could move, even build our dream house, somewhere close to the places and people we value. But there’s a second option that could make real sense financially and otherwise. You could remodel your existing home. You could replace your appliances. You could update your fixtures. And you could add the space you desperately need. Believe it or not remodeling can actually be enjoyable. To see the metamorphosis from something old to something new is an exciting process. A quality builder/remodeler helps guide you on this big adventure.

Determining which is the right decision for you deserves careful planning. A professional builder/remodeler or other expert resources can help walk you through that process. Depending on how much you put into the house and how long you intend to live in the house will help determine the best choice for you. “Move or remodel” is the question? The answer is up to you…