How To Maintain Your Home

By Matt Henke, Builder

Although most of us are not super diligent at maintaining our vehicles, I would guess that most of you do the basics. You get the oil changed, replace windshield wipers, and maybe go schedule an annual tune-up. And yet our home, in which we have invested much more money, receives so little attention…until disaster strikes? Not to mention that homes tend to appreciate in value while vehicles depreciate. We need to protect our investment because the cost of neglecting it can be astounding.

With neglect, this could be your home.

And how about keeping it all organized? I can’t count the number of times I’ve gone to the home improvement or paint store with a dirty can of paint with a faded label trying to match colors. I wish I had that all organized somewhere so I could refer to it when I need it.

Frankly, maintaining a home can be overwhelming, and few of us feel confident about what needs to be done and how. The folks over at HomeSpot have worked hard to create a place for you to track everything related to maintaining your home. Whether it is keeping an inventory of your paint colors or sending you maintenance alerts when it is time to change the air filters, they have you covered. Check it out.

And if you’re looking for a quick and dirty annual maintenance calendar, download our Suggested Maintenance Schedule.