We Don’t Build Ginger Bread Houses

During the holidays we gathered our two youngest grandsons, Jasper, seven and Jett, four and got to work. Of course, in our haste we didn’t create a plan and we certainly didn’t get the house engineered.

The project went well as we progressed and followed the instructions. Not having the “advice” of a structural engineer, the project soon went “awry” when we
began to erect the walls. No matter what we did (we did follow the directions) we couldn’t get the consistency of the icing just right to hold the walls and roof together.

As we started to decorate the erected walls with gum drops, candy canes, chocolate snow drops, etc. the walls slowly began to collapse! As a result, we decided not to add Ginger Bread Home building to our list of services.

Well, we didn’t end up with a pretty Ginger Bread House but we sure had a lot of fun making it and eating the ginger bread and candy. This is a day at Grand-mom’s and Grand-dad’s home that Jasper and Jett won’t soon forget.

We can honestly tell you that, we aren’t changing our business model. We will continue to build, renovate and add on to your homes as well as update kitchens and baths providing you with great services and using sound science, making your home high performing and energy efficient. We can’t build a Ginger Bread House but we can build or remodel a great home for you.

There is no better time then now to plan your remodel project for the new year. Call us at 512-301-6000 so that we can help you make your dream become a reality. All referrals are greatly appreciated.

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2012